2: Fizzlebert Stump And The Bearded Boy

The bearded Barboozul family are the new stars of Fizzlebert Stump's circus. Their act is full of magic, mystery, fun and fear. And it's nice to have another boy around, even if he is a bit... hairy. But then things start to go wrong. The lion loses his dentures. The clowns lose their noses. The Ringmaster loses his temper. And the circus is about to lose its licence. Is the bearded boy to blame?

A story of friendship, fiendish schemes, emergency tuna, and the importance of proper beard care.

Illustrated throughout by Sarah Horne.

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Winner of the Rotherham Children's Book Award (2014).

To download the audio version, read with great verve and vigour by actor Daniel Hill (Harvey Baines, Waiting for God), visit Audible.