Blogs and Articles AF’s written…

Every now and then I get asked to write a thing for someone’s blog about this thing or that thing, and I thought it would be nice to collect them together here so you can find them.

When me and Emily Gravett’s book The Imaginary came out I wrote a ‘Top Ten’ post for The Guardian about imaginary friends in fiction and a bunch of nonsense captions to a selection of Emily’s illustrations, to give people entirely the wrong idea bout the book (but, using my imagination).

Later on, also for The Guardian I wrote a piece about my love/hate relationship with Jan Pienkowski’s book Haunted House.

Here I am answering some questions around the time The Imaginary came out.

For Teach Primary magazine I wrote an article about ‘my reading journey’.

Here’s a piece about ‘the book I wish I’d written’ for Books For Keeps.

And here’s a 5-4-3-2-1 piece of biographical/literary trivia for brilliant indie bookshop Tales on Moon Lane’s Teens on Moon Lane book blog.

I answered some questions far a Spanish book blog, and, through the magic of translation, you can only read them if you read Spanish (I like the note at the start explaining to the Spanish reader what a ‘greasy spoon cafe’ is).

For I wrote a bit more about my ‘reading journey’ and the value of autodidacticism. (This one opens as a .pdf.)

For Empathy Day 2018 I wrote about my relationship to the last few pages of The Lord of the Rings for the blog.

When me and Emily Gravett’s second book, The Afterwards, came out the brilliant Booktrust asked me to write about my favourite fictional duo… which allowed me to talk about Barbara Firth and her bears.

Here’s an interview, from around the same time, in which I talk about The Afterwards and twiglets and Emily, for

In a post for National Poetry Day 2019 I wrote a few words about Spike Milligan’s Silly Verse for Kids for the National Poetry Day website.

For the same National Poetry Day I also wrote a piece for the blog of the brilliant Federation of Children’s Book Groups about how poetry saw me ending up as a children’s author and now an editor/anthologist with me and Katy Riddell’s Midnight Feasts.

A little article for the School Library Association’s website about the value of poetry, Midnight Feasts and Elizabeth Jennings.