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Things You Find In A Poet's Beard

This collection is full of quite silly, funny, peculiar poems. A few are a bit more serious. Several require deep breaths and most of them ask you to stand up if you read them out loud.

Illustrated wonderfully inside and outside by renowned illustrator extraordinaire Chris Riddell.

Printed using Dyslexie font, specially designed to be easier to read for people with dyslexia.

Only £10 for a copy signed by A.F. Harrold. including free UK postage and packing
(for orders outside the UK please e-mail me first to find out postage)


Poetry Videos

Poetry Videos

Poems in Sound-and-Vision-o-vision

Look, here I am saying words while you look at my face. (Do not press 'play' on them all at once unless you want an aural nightmare.)

The following videos were filmed by the brilliant Centre for Literacy in Primary Education (CLPE) and can also be found their website here.


Poetry Audio

Poetry Audio

The Sound of Poems Talking

Look, here I am saying words while you don't look at my face. (Some of these pieces have music or 'music' as well as words.)

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Chris Riddell

Chris Riddell

The Chris Riddell Bonus Illustrated Poem Section

World-renowned lord of the line, paragon of the pencil and high druid of the doodle, illustrator of Things You Find In A Poet's Beard, Chris Riddell has done some more poem-drawings for words of mine...

Yellow 01.jpg
Yellow 02.jpg
Yellow 03.jpg
Yellow 04.jpg

Something Nice 1.jpg
Something Nice 2.jpg
Something Nice 3.jpg
Something Nice 5.jpg
Something Nice 6.jpg

Quest 01.jpg
Quest 02.jpg
Quest 03.jpg
Quest 04.jpg
Quest 05.jpg
Quest 06.jpg
Quest 07.jpg
Quest 08.jpg
Quest 09.jpg
Quest 10.jpg
Quest 11.jpg
Quest 12.jpg
Quest 13.jpg

Unhappy Cat.jpg

Onion 1.jpg
Onion 2.jpg


Bridget 01.jpg
Bridget 02.jpg
Bridget 03.jpg

Earwigs 1.jpg
Earwigs 2.jpg
Earwigs 3.jpg

This poem is from Things You Find In A Poet's Beard, but isn't illustrated in there. Chris did these pictures on a train, in his notebook, on the way to a reading we were doing together...

Isn't he amazing?