Cover by Chris Riddell

Cover by Chris Riddell

+ Who are you?

I am A.F. Harrold. How do you do?

+ What do you like most about writing?

I like holding pens. I like resting my hands on a keyboard and I hate blank paper. I like the nice feeling of stopping writing at the end. And the cups of tea. And the baths.

+ Will you come to my school?

I might. Why not get your teacher or librarian or nearest grown up to ask me?

Contact me here

+ I'm a silly grownup who got lost, don't you do adult stuff?

I do indeed. You can find my grownup site here: www.afharrold.com. If you aren't grownup you might want to go there anyway... but there are no sealions (and occasionally an adult(ish) theme).